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Your business is always one step ahead of your competitors with the data we will present to you, together with our comprehensive data pool, well-equipped team and our own analysis methodology!

How to determine if you need this service

Not sure how to accurately present the budget and financial data of your project to the bank?

Are you having trouble constructing a Financial Model because the financial and technical information about your project's budget, raw materials and production capacity is not clear?

Not quite sure how to calculate the IRR, NPV, Equity IRR or Sensitivity Analysis results which you should use to evaluate your project?

Are you having difficulties in correctly transferring the financing tools you will use in your project to your model?

Our Pinpoint Solutions

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By obtaining information about your project's construction budget, production inputs and production outputs, we analyze this information in the most accurate way and create a Financial Model for you to evaluate your project.


The Financial Model we will create for your project is completely flexible and will have a structure that can easily respond to the changes you will make during the planning of your project.


With the Financial Model we will make, you will be able to see these results easily and evaluate your project more comfortably.


By accurately reflecting the financing strategy you will use for financing in the Financial Model, you will be able to accurately evaluate the suitability of your credit strategy for your project.


What are our customers saying?

Thanks to your Business Intelligence report, I reached customers in different markets that I did not know at all. You really offer pinpoint and quick solutions. On behalf of my entire team, thank you all again.
Business Development Manager
First of all, the report content is truly enormous. It certainly contains invaluable data for target markets, analysis, competitor and price analysis. We took our business to a different dimension. You are a bright team 🙂
The story of our meeting with your company was a bit interesting, but they did not say for nothing that there is good in everything. Working with you for many years and following the market dynamics and trends closely will definitely be very beneficial for our factory.
General manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have a staff with sufficient program knowledge to obtain consistent results with a correct model for the income, expenditure, investment budget and investment period financing of the project, and if you need such a model to receive funding from credit institutions, you are suitable for this service.

You must have a financial model that complies with the standards sought by the project finance institutions that make “Structured Project Finance” and has the infrastructure to analyze the economic analysis of your projects in case the assumptions change.

Your financial model should have the appropriate infrastructure for tracking multiple bank loans that may occur during the Project Finance period.

Financial ratios that may be useful in evaluating the company situation must be accurately calculated in your financial model (“Return on Equity”, “Return on Project”, “DSCR, LTSCR”, etc.).

Proje ve finansman ile ilgili yetkili personelizden gerekli proje bilgilerini aldıktan sonra çalışmalarımıza başlıyoruz. İlk taslak modeli ileterek görüşlerini ve gerek gördükleri düzeltmeleri yaptıktan sonra modelimizi finalize ediyoruz.

To find out the service fee, you can contact us through our contact numbers or fill out the offer form.

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