Potential Customer List Study

we provide Appropriate customer lists for your company and potential customer base in the determined target markets.

How to determine if you need this service

Do you have difficulty accessing company information in foreign markets?

Are you having trouble finding a foreign source company?

Have trouble finding new customers or sourcing in a new market?

You can create your Lead Lists based on the following elements.





Frequently Asked Questions

It is suitable for businesses that have already established their export and business development processes and systems within their department and are running it in a healthy way, as well as those who want to learn new customer candidates and expand their market

Within the specified target markets, you can find the names, countries, websites and contact information of the buyer/importer companies under all the customer groups you have classified. The list we will present to you with the MRV method will be ready to be contacted by your export department.

Mine – Refine – Verify is the name we give to the methodology in which potential customers are mined, filtered and filtered from our databases and approved by our expert team.

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