Export & Business Development Division Service

We integrate with your company as an export department during the specified period and maximize your company’s export potential with the commercial intelligence and business development strategies we apply.

How to determine if you need this service

Are you not satisfied with your company's business intelligence and business development strategy?

Do you feel comfortable that your company image fully reflects the knowledge and experience you have

Do you find it difficult to follow the international data and sector trends related to the sector in which your company works?

Are you not fully aware of the potential customers in the industry your company is in?

Do you think that your company's potential is fully utilized in the relations it establishes with its international customers?

Are you sure that your Export Operations are followed effectively and the reporting infrastructure is designed correctly?

Our Pinpoint Solutions


By analysing the current situation, we create your company's export and business development roadmap.


By creating a positive brand perception about your company, we correctly evaluate your background savings and make your company internationally preferable.

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We analyse the current international sector and trend data with the methodology we have developed and propose to integrate the relevant improvements into your company according to the results we have obtained.


With the various research methodologies we have developed, we bring in the most suitable potential customers for your company with a systematic data matrix.


With the different methodologies and strategies we have developed, we ensure that the most effective contact with your international customers is made and that the relations progress and reach their full potential.


We put your export operations and customer tracking systems into practice effectively and efficiently with in-house training and developments.


What do our customers say?​

You are a well-equipped team in accessing data and information. I know that exporting is not easy, but I did not expect to get yields so fast. you are awesome
CEO & Co-Founder
It didn't sound very realistic when you first told it, but you accomplished more than what you said. May your success always be..
Sales director
A team that is competent, knows what companies want and never gives up on its ethical values. Of course, the effect of both managers and employees being well-equipped is huge. I hope you will continue in this way for many years without compromising the quality of service.
Export manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

·     There is or does not have an export unit and wants to strengthen its team,
·       Export infrastructure is completely ready, but it has not made any initiative yet
·       Those who export at a certain level and want to increase the % of exports in their turnover
·       Currently exporting and wishing to enter new markets
·       Currently exporting but wanting to find new customers or not finding them, or making unsystematic research
·        Doesn’t know which products to position in which markets in markets that vary on the basis of product/service in the sectoral sense.
·       Needs competitor intelligence but cannot or does not work on it (without time or workforce)
·       Desire to enter the international market with a new product
·        Those who export seriously and want to be a “LEAD COMPANY” in certain markets
·        Suitable for all businesses that want to develop a Short, Medium, and Long-term Strategic Export Plan

Within this service, our department works for you without being physically present in your company, or directly in your company. It makes your overseas calls, presents your offers, brings new potential customers, carries out the follow-up processes of the potential customers it has gained, manages your international e-mail traffic, meets online or face-to-face meeting requests, manages social media accounts, reports developments. In summary, it coordinates the entire export and business development process.

While there are different options available, we recommend starting with a minimum of 6 months of study. It is possible to get information about the packages via live help or by making an appointment face to face.

In order for us to have a healthy conversation, we would like to open an e-mail account belonging to your company and allocated to us (in line with your company’s corporate structure) via a telephone with an international line. Thus, we communicate with potential customers as a department of your company, not an outside employee.

To find out the service fee, you can contact us through our contact numbers or fill out the offer form.

If the existing infrastructure of your business or institution is fully ready for export, we provide export guarantee in 120 days.

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