Export Supports

We raise awareness and support companies that are in the process of expanding abroad within the scope of active incentives which are created to support export activities of companies carried out by the Ministry of Trade.

How to determine if you need this service

Not sure about where your product's are highly demanded in overseas markets?

Do you want to increase your export turnover by expanding your existing markets?

 Do you want to enter a foreign market with a new product?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is suitable for companies who want to get information about the export-oriented government aids and incentives carried out by the Ministry of Trade in our country during the export processes and who wants to benefit from these supports.

It is the coordination of processes such as collecting the application documents together with the client company, making the application, following the application, making the payment requests, and receiving the payment, after checking whether the necessary conditions for the relevant support are met and the legislation scanning. All processes are carried out in sync with the responsible personnel of the company requesting support.

To learn the cost of the service, you can reach us from our contact numbers or fill out the offer form.

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