Social Media Marketing

Today, people spend a significant part of their time on social media platforms. We help you get in front of your potential customers with our social media marketing service.

How to determine if you need this service

It has never been this fun for potential customers to reach your products and services over the internet…

Are your social media accounts not reaching as many people as you want? Are potential customers not contacting you enough?

Do you find it difficult to follow the global market and its dynamics for your products?

Social Media accounts with active real users and advanced advertising models Do you want to attract people's attention and do you want them to admire your business?

Our Pinpoint Solutions

With Facebook Advertising Management Service, our profit-oriented experts help dozens of our customers earn money by selling their products and services on social media. Would you like us to prepare profitable, sustainable, and effective Facebook Ads for you?

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Reach The Best For Your Business From Billions Of Potential Customers


Experienced Team Managed Millions of Advertising Budgets!

Our experts, who have managed millions of lira campaigns for higher-yielding campaigns with Social Media ads, make hundreds of A/B tests for you and create the best campaign structures.

We find your ideal target audience. We measure ad performance. We use special offer methods for you. We give the right messages to your target audience.


What are our customers saying?

I make thousands of dollars in sales every day thanks to the Facebook ads I publish abroad with my newly opened E-Export site.
Thanks to the great campaigns you have made in the Middle East and European markets, I can reach new dealers with really affordable advertising budgets.
B. C
Export Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

We manage your social media ads within your existing ad accounts or with new accounts we have created entirely for you.

Advertising payments are made in a way that does not exceed the amount that we will decide together, you make the payments directly to the social media company with your credit card. We can start advertising with daily budgets of any amount you want, without upper or lower limits.

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