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Isn’t it time to increase your foreign exchange income? It is very easy with the new generation export FIX! 

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As FIX CONSULTING, we know that export and marketing are very important in today’s world. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide services that will rapidly increase your exports and sales to you, our esteemed business partners, and provide added value to your business!

What We Do

Our services

Business Intelligence and Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

It is now very easy to increase competitiveness in world trade in imports and exports, to save time and money with accurate target market determinations, and to know the competitors and the market well, thanks to commercial intelligence.

Export and Business Development

For companies that want to grow, export is inevitable in the globalizing world. For this reason, there has been a great demand for export consultancy in recent years from companies that want to enter the export field. Export consulting helps these companies seamlessly adapt to the export/exploitation process.

Digital marketing & Digital Identity

Potential sales with our Digital Marketing services. and our businesses that want to increase their income, We offer the most professional solutions. You don't have to struggle to reach customers anymore, let your customers from all over the world reach you!

360° Education

Remember, the easiest way to increase the added value of your company is to have well-equipped personnel. Check out our pinpointing trainings for your business or institution to get the information you need as soon as possible.

E-commerce &

E-export is an export model that expresses the sale of any product or service abroad. The answer to the question of what is e-export is, in short, “sending the products or services sold via e-commerce to the customer”.


Consultancy services are provided for the design and creation of financial models that can present the necessary outputs such as income statement, cash flow, balance sheet by correctly processing all the elements specified in the business plan.

Our Industries

Directing the Economy& Delivering More Income to Your IndustriesProfessional Service

You can benefit from our comprehensive services, which we have successfully provided, by browsing our customer results, no matter what sector you are in.

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